LIFE OF A FARMER -paragraph


Our is an agricultural country.Eighty five percent people of this country live on agriculture.The farmers of our country lead a very simple life.They ar really poor.They earn their livelihood by the sweat of their brow.A farmer works from morning till evening.He only takes rest in the noon for two or three hours.He risses early in the morning and starts for the field with a pair of cows and plough.He begins ploughing his land early in the morning. At noon he returns home,takes his bath and mid day meal.he works under the scorching rays of the sun .He protects his head from the sun by using MATHAL .He goes to bed early . A farmer works hard. He lives from hand to mouth.Flod and cyclone bring calamity in a farmers life. He leads and unplanned family .Illiteracy and natural calamity bring misery in a farmer's life.

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