The Ways Of Keeping Good Health -Paragraph

The Ways Of Keeping Good Health -Paragraph
There is a wise saying, "Health is wealth". Good health means the soundness of body and mind. The body which is free from all sorts of diseases is considered to be healthy. A man or woman can keep good health by observing rules of health, eating balanced food and living a disciplined life. The basic need of keeping good health are eating a balanced diet, drinking pure uncontaminated water and inhaling pure air.
 A good food always does not mean a costly food. One should take food considering its food value. A balanced diet contains all ingredients of food-carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salt and water. One should keep food covered so that flies, cockroach and other insects do not contaminate it. One should not drink polluted water. One can get of water-borne diseases only by drinking pure water. 
Again, one can get rid of respiratory diseases by living in an environment which is free from air pollution. So, to keep in good health we need an environment which is free from air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and menus pollution.

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